Prashast Srivastava

PhD candidate

Purdue University


I am a 6th year PhD candidate at Purdue University. My research interests broadly revolve around the computer security domain. Currently, I am working in the software testing subdomain. Specifically, I am developing tools and techniques to making fuzzing more effective by reducing the input state space to be explored using explicitly/implicitly defined input grammars or target state awareness.

I am a part of the HexHive group and am co-advised by Prof. Mathias Payer at EPFL and Prof. Antonio Bianchi at Purdue University. In summer 2018, I interned at GrammaTech under Dr. Vineeth Kashyap building a framework to identify known library components in statically linked stripped binaries using program analysis and machine learning techniques.


  • Computer Security
  • Software Testing
  • Fuzzing


  • MS/PhD in Computer Science, Present

    Purdue University

  • BS in Computer Science, 2016

    BITS-Pilani, Dubai Campus



Effective grammar-aware fuzzing using grammar automatons


Automated IoT Firmware Introspection and Analysis Framework


Gramatron: Effective Grammar-Aware Fuzzing

FirmFuzz: Automated IoT Firmware Introspection and Analysis

Protecting bare-metal embedded systems with privilege overlays

Protection against code exploitation using ROP and check-summing in IoT environment